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About Our Practice

Personalized care for the Suffern and surronding communities.

Dr. Baldinger’s practice is dedicated to getting you back on your feet. You and your feet come first.  No problem is minor and every patient is important. Dr. Baldinger spends time evaluating not you’re your foot complaint, but your lifestyle and the shoes you love to wear. 

Dr. Baldinger has experience treating men, women and children. 

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They deserve the best care to take you where you need to go for your entire life.  

Your visit begins with a full health history and diagnosis.  The right diagnosis leads to the right treatment.   Dr. Baldinger doesn’t just treat symptoms. You will understand what you have, why you have and what needs to be done to treat your foot issue. An important goal of your care is prevent recurrence whenever possible.  Patient education is an important part of your treatment plan for infection, ingrown nails, ulcers, fungus infections of the skin and nails, sweat, heel pain and gout. 

You receive personalized, effective, conservative care to get you moving.