“Pain has been a long time companion of mine. Missing out on sports and even basic activity was very normal to me. Playing with my kids on weekends was a real struggle, sometimes not even able to catch up to my little ones. Dancing was just about forgotten and no matter what shoes or change of “even” more special arches, I got nowhere. Missing work was very common to me. Thanks to Dr Baldinger, I feel like a miracle was done to me, and I would tell anyone in this situation, “Do not hesitate, this is exactly what you have been looking for”.

- David, Lakewood, NJ

“My daughter used to wake up every night screaming because her foot pain was so severe. We tried everything, orthotics, different shoes, physical therapy and different specialists. Dr. Baldinger provided a solution that cured her for life. She is now pain free. I could not believe how well this works.”

- A.L., Monsey NY

“Since my son stood up in his crib he has complained of foot pain. Today he is 11 and after Dr. Baldinger’s diagnosis and treatment he could play all activities normally with the rest of the children in camp without Tylenol or Motrin.  This is wonderful, I can’t believe what I see.”

- J.B., Monroe, NY

“The last 20 years I have tried all kinds of treatments to clear my nail fungus. Only Dr. Baldinger’s nail treatment program with laser helped.”

- R.G., Brooklyn, NY


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