Kids’ Feet

Your children’s feet need to serve them for an active, mobile life ahead. It makes sense to ensure that they have a healthy foundation for their future.

Dr. Baldinger’s top tips for children’s foot health:

Have your child’s feet examined when they start to walk (about 12 months), at age 3 and at age 6. We want to make sure their gait is normal and their feet are healthy and developing properly.

It is not normal for kids to complain of foot pain.

Baby’s First Steps

If your child complains of any discomfort in their feet or ankles or they seem to be unstable on their feet, you should make an appointment to see Dr. Baldinger to address any problems quickly.

Notice how your child is wearing out his/her shoes. If they seem to be uneven, gap or worn in an unusual manner, this may be a signal of a foot problem.

Do not assume that your child will outgrow his/her flat feet. The condition will worsen without treatment and can lead to secondary problems later in life such as bunions and hip pain.

Orthotics (arches) will not change the shape of the foot or correct flat feet.

Any skin rashes, peeling or bumps should be diagnosed and treated.

If your teen has excessively smelly and sweaty feet, there are some very effective treatments available in our office.

The earlier you treat the better the outcome!

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