About Our Practice

About Our Practice

  • We believe that everyone can and should have healthy and pain-free feet.
  • We honor your personal choices regarding lifestyle, shoe styles and activity.
  • We believe that treating foot pain requires diagnosing what is causing the pain or discomfort and treating the underlying symptoms, not just masking symptoms with short-term solutions.
  • We pledge to stay on top of the latest technology and treatment options to always offer our patients all care options available (not just the care options offered by your insurance plan).
  • We believe in honest, straightforward explanations of our diagnoses and treatments.
  • We treat our patients with respect and integrity and make every attempt to stay on schedule, and spend as much time as necessary communicate clearly. You are not rushed through your visit.
  • We are culturally sensitive to the needs and lifestyle of our patients.
  • We take a conservative approach to caring for your feet and ankles.

Some FAQs:

Dr. Baldinger’s office requires payment for all services in full at time of treatment. We will assist you in filing paperwork with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Dr. Baldinger has his primary office conveniently located right off Thruway Exit 14B in Suffern, New York. Easy to get to, free parking and discreet location. (Radiology in the same building, too) He works out of NYU in Williamsburg, Brooklyn also. You can make appointments at either office by calling our primary office.

Yes we can usually accommodate your schedule for evening and weekend appointments.

Your first visit is dedicated to taking a full history, diagnosing your foot problem and developing a treatment plan. The treatment plan begins on your first visit.

Call 845-425-8686 for your appointment.

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