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Your feet are the foundation of your body. There are 26 bones and 34 ligaments in each foot. If the bones are misaligned the rest of your body is impacted. Technology today lets you realign the bones of your feet to alleviate stresses on other joints.

You may be experiencing symptoms of gout. Abnormal Uric Acid levels that cause gout are triggered by certain foods. These foods are in a category called high purine foods including lox, liver and sardines. Avoid these foods and your chances of getting a gout attack are improved. If you do suffer a gout attack you should seek medical help.

The pattern of your growth of nails is determined by genetics and the way you cut your nails. If you have a genetic pattern of the nail growing into the skin you may need medical intervention to correct the problem. If your nail is growing into the skin because of improper care cut your nails correctly to minimize the problem. If you have redness, swelling, pus or the pain is making it difficult for you to walk see a foot specialist.

Every foot problem is unique. Please call us to talk about your particular situation and to set up a convenient appointment.

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