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Dr. Baldinger treats almost any type of condition or ailment that involves your feet or ankles.  This section has 3 general “conditions” but rest assured even if you can’t figure out how to classify your foot problem, we can still help you!

Achilles Tendonitis Ankle Sprain
Foot Arthritis Athletes Foot/Fungus
Ball of Feet Pain Pronation
Children’s Feet Cracked Dry Skin
Flat Feet Hammer Toe
Heel Pain Ingrown Nails
Injuries to the Feet Neuroma
Smelly and Sweaty Feet Shin Splints
Skin Conditions of the Foot Stress Fractures
Fungal Nails Tendonitis
Gout  Trauma

Alignment & Foot Structure:  Do Your Feet Look Like This?

Before treatment, misaligned foot and ankle from rear

Before treatment

Often heel pain, bunions, hip pain, back pain and shoulder pain is caused by a structural problem in the foot.  Dr. Baldinger treats the underlying problem and the symptoms.  Our office offers custom orthotics as well as prefabricated orthotics to alleviate symptoms.

Dr. Baldinger is skilled at correcting foot alignment with EOTTS, a minimally invasive technique to fix the underlying problem causing these painful symptoms.  No invasive surgery and reconstruction of bones and tendons that cause you pain.

Learn more about Dr. Baldinger’s treatment of Alignment & Structural Issues.

Skin and Nail Conditions:

Doctor dermatologist examines the foot on the presence of athlete's foot

Foot exam

Have your feet looking and feeling their best.  Dr. Baldinger educates his patients on how to avoid stubborn and recurring skin conditions such as ingrown nails, fungus, warts and calluses.  After initial treatment many of these conditions can be managed and minimized with effective self care.

Read more about Skin and Nail Treatments.




Systemic Disease:

foot xrays for damage

Xray of feet

Foot pain can often be caused by a disease or ailment in another body system, including Gout, Arthritis, Diabetes, Infection.

Dr. Baldinger’s comprehensive analysis and evidence-based medicine brings a high standard of care to his patients and has earned him the trust of many referring physicians.

Learn more about Dr. Baldinger’s approach to foot problems related to disease.

“I like coming to Dr. Baldinger because he clearly explains all my treatment options to me.”  Mrs. R. H., Monroe, NY

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