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Your Shoes and Foot Health:

Having the correct footwear can make a big difference in the ongoing condition of your feet. Shoes are an essential part of treating foot and ankle complaints and they’re often the cause.  We know that all feet are not the same, and the same is true with footwear.



Dr. Baldinger’s Advice to Everyone:

Don’t wear worn-out or misshapen shoes!


Shoe recommedations for specific ailments(note this does not take the place of a real diagnosis of your underlying foot problems)

TOE PAIN (or Neuroma)

Get shoes with a wide toe box, or some stretch/give in the top. Consider a sleeve or insert to separate your toes and/or distribute your weight. This may also be an indicator that your foot is misaligned.

ARCH PROBLEMS: High Arch or Flat Foot

Look for support in the arch area: don’t wear flat or flimsy shoes like ballet slippers or flip-flops. An orthotic can realign your foot for increased comfort—-but there are newer treatment options you should consider.


Don’t wear high heels! Look for a wedge shoe that distributes weight more evenly or consider adding an insert in your shoe.


Wedge shoes or sturdy low heels are good. A heel lift insert may help. Don’t go too high with your heels or go with flat shoes.


Look for well-padded shoes to give your feet an extra layer of protection.


The following area shoe stores have had training from Dr. Baldinger:

Shoe Barn
11 Main St #3, Monsey, NY 10952

New Balance North Jersey
459 State Rte 17
Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07604
(201) 393-0456

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